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The very purpose of the website is to transfer knowledge from one person to another directly. We understood all the people universally getting information of others by the help of 'search engines' (now, we also understood, search engines will exploring or giving or retrieving information's of other people as a link to the users and not giving people the opportunity to release from their own).To decrease the time to contact one person to another for an information, we are giving opportunity to the world to 'GETTING INFORMATION DIRECTLY'.

This website has designed as 'of the user, by the user, for the user' principle / policy. We, open the world to the public where any person from any part of the world can upload / register / download their own work through 'PAPERS' or 'RESEARCH' or 'VIDEOS' or 'FORUM' and other upcoming enhancement contents. Here what you are getting in the 'PAPERS' content are 'information's' only and obviously the registered recommendation to you by us is the 'RESEARCH' content for your research purposes (whatever you are getting in the 'RESEARCH' content will be completely a recommended suggestion by us for your search / query in our website).

How to use the website?

  • Before enter into any content of the website please read the 'terms' and 'privacy'.
  • After reading the 'terms' and 'privacy' if you really wish to continue you can click and make use of any of our contents available or which will suits you well[subject to availability].
  • How to register? Please click 'join now' and fill all the fields necessary the 'registration' form. Once you have finished the registration there will be a display which shows the completion of your registration.
  • How to sign in? After you registration complete you can click sign in. So that it will ask you user name and password what you have previously given in the registration field.
  • Papers content: In this content you can see all the papers or data's or articles or information's given by the users of the website all over the world. You can just click on that particular papers or data's or articles or information's to view or download.
  • Research content: In this content you can see all the research or recommended suggestions by us to the users of the website all over the world. You can just click on the particular research to view or download. But to use this content you have to 'register' or 'join' in the website.
  • How to upload or download papers or research or any other contents [subject to availability]? To upload or download any content [subject to availability] you have to first register or join in the website [please see clause 3 of this topic].


This is the dream of us since 12 years to create, design, and to develop the website. We, the people from different fields of education, correspond and communicate to create a website which provides knowledge or otherwise we have done our best by involved our self to provide an information database place (a platform for all legal data's).
aboutus We are originally from Tanjavur surroundings (country side near Tanjavur, Tamilnadu State, India Republic). As usual like other human being we also have had some ambitions, which made involved us to do something for India republic. After gone through all the possibilities of then we have successfully failed to achieve. Frustrating fast life forced us all to believe in the daily routine surviving policy of human being. Whatever our ambitions or targets should be achieved are all have failed (yes, we have failed). The fast life, family circumstances, development of neighbours forced us to separate and fight for life.

After long years of gap, we have met and perused our past records of failure, we found and admit that we have successfully failed and we also found that we have at least recorded failure instead of nothing. Now we decided to fulfil our achievement again and search and realise that we need to work as team and involvement and also realise that 'SLOW and STEADY will WIN THE RACE'

Finally, once again after gone through all the possibilities of now, we declare our success by dedicating the success to the people (all over the world) who creates the website, who develops the website, who using the website, who studying about website, who make  website commercials, and last but not least we dedicate our success to MOTHER INDIA.